At Holy Fit Meals we understand that a fit and healthy lifestyle starts in the kitchen. And pretty much everyone wants to eat healthier, but simply don’t have the time. That is why we aim to bring our customers healthy, chef prepared meals, right to their doorstep. ​

Our Passion:
Holy fit was founded by chef Joel Valdes and Edwige Alabre. The couple has always been passionate about culinary, as well as, health and wellness. Over the years, their love for fitness and food intertwined and headed in a new direction. It was at that point, that Holy Fit Meals as an idea, began. So, every single dish that we make reflects our passion and technique.

We exist to create superior tasting health conscious meals, filling the void between healthy and delectable. Our farm to table approach inspires health through decadence. By sourcing local, high quality ingredients, we are able to offer a wide range of chef prepared healthy meals, at a price so low that as many people as possible can afford. Money is great, but we want to alter our customers lives and help them better themselves. Because after all, health is a lifestyle.

At Holy Fit Meals we want to make eating healthy convenient as well. We know how busy your life is and we understand how valuable your time is. No more rushing out of the office and through traffic just to get a sub-par meal and pay top dollar for it. Then you have to gobble it up in less then 10 min and run back to the office. Sound familiar?

Now, imagine having a team of private chefs cooking restaurant caliber dishes, and delivering them right to your home or office, fresh made everyday. What value would that have for you?  Well that’s exactly what you get when you order with us. And for just $8.85 per meal, your not only saving time, but you’re saving money too. And, we never repeat or rotate our menus so you’ll be checking off your foods to try bucket list everyday. We take great pride in being the top healthy gourmet meal delivery in South Florida. Also, we tithe as a company so that our food may also be a blessing to as many people as possible.